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Kichida Maru
This is my secondary account.
My older one is "CinclusGirl" but since I don't have Premium, I can't change the username on that one. So therefore I made a new one.

Ok so I'm 19, I'm a truly boring individual but meh, whatever. I get good laughs out of myself sometimes so I'm cool with that.
Err, I draw shit. Well, not literally. I have no fuckin' clue what to write here so MARK NUTT.
Feel free to add me on your PS3 (If you have one) My user name is: KichidaMaru

I'm an Achievement Hunter, a Unitologist and an Urge Intense-o-maniac or something.

I have:
I recently posted a comment on a video with the song "Curses" by Bullet for my Valentine because of an annotation on the video said: "only deathcore music here, emo's don't click here" or something like that. All the comments are people discussing whether BFMV is emo music or not.

I stated that: Emo is short for Emotional, and that if you tried telling me that the lyrics for that song wasn't emotional on any level whatsoever, you'd either be incapable of understanding English, or deaf.

And before you burst my bubble, no, I'm not making fun of deaf people at all, but being deaf and not paying attention are the only two factors where you would be able to hear what the vocalist is saying. 

And this lady answers me that: Don't make fun of deaf people, you need words in front of you on a screen to read the lyrics, not hear them. "PRACTICE BEFORE YOU PREACH, BROTHER".

Well, hun. I never said you READ the lyrics, and the part that says: "You'd either be incapable of understanding English, or deaf" strongly suggests that I meant that you're HEARING the song's lyrics, not reading it.
And the part about people being deaf, explained up there somewhere ^
Also. "Practice before you preach".
Well, I could say the same to you for making my comment suddenly about deaf people, and not the fact that the genre "Emo" is gravely misunderstood. I could say the same to you, for clearly not seeing that I never said "if you can't read the lyrics". 
And I did, I've said it. Whether you choose or not to have the common knowledge to understand what my reply says, then y'know. You do you.

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to rant about it.
Continue with your day good sir/mam.

Kichida out.
  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Watching: SCP Containment breach let's play by Markiplier
  • Drinking: Burn Lemon Ice

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