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Kichida Maru
This is my secondary account.
My older one was "CinclusGirl" but I didn't have premium so I couldn't change the username. Therefore I just made a new one, go figure.

I'm 20, and as the location suggests I'm from Norway.
I like playing video games, and especially horror games, and enjoy drawing (of course) and music.
Feel free to add me on your PS3 (If you have one) My user name is: KichidaMaru

I'm an Achievement Hunter, a Unitologist and an Urge Intense-o-maniac or something.
And I'm embarrassed to admit that I've only now found out about Devin Townsend. Good god.

I have:

:iconakibaniashomi: is mah boii c:
So I'm going to have a serious issue if my room isn't made bigger, cleaned up, or if I don't move out. (also, having no work is the biggest issue here)

I'm planning on buying a new guitar, it'll most likely either be a flying V, or a Les Paul.
I'm planning on buying a bass as well, it'll be short scale but I'm not sure about the model yet, most likely something by Epiphone. 
Also, I want a piano, so I'm gonna save up for a digital one since who the fuck has the money to buy a Grand Piano am I right
And to top it all off; I want a drum set. Due to the probability that I'll be living wall-to-wall with other people, it'll have to be an electrical one. (I'm not all that sad about it, but it just doesn't have the same feel as an acoustic one)

This will mean that I'll have to get at least 2 new speakers, because the one I already have is sort of falling apart, and it's for the guitar. And a guitar amp just doesn't have the right qualifications for a bass guitar. (meaning that I CAN use a bass guitar in a guitar amp, but it sounds optimal with a bass amp.)

The job I currently have had(sometimes have) is not guaranteed work, because I don't really work there, I'm someone they call if they need extra people. 
And all the jobs I find are either: taken by someone else, or they're too far away and I have no possible way of moving there to work there. 
That said, I'm not going to stop looking. I'll just have to be patient, ask around and keep an eye open. 
I've only today discovered 2 jobs that I could qualify for, but the starting date is like 4-5 days before me and my Mom leaves for Bulgaria, which are non-refundable tickets so I can't exactly just bail. 

I just had to vent a bit, not expecting anyone to read this, it's sort of for me at this point.
Have a good day if you did read! ^^ (Or should I say night? It's currently 12:27 am as I write this xD )
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: The Retinal Circus - Devin Townsend
  • Watching: The Retinal Circus Live - Devin Townsend
  • Drinking: Urge Intense

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