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Kichida Maru
This is my secondary account.
My older one was "CinclusGirl" but I didn't have premium so I couldn't change the username. Therefore I just made a new one, go figure.

I'm 19, and as the location suggests I'm from Norway.
I like playing video games, and especially horror games, and enjoy drawing (of course) and music.
Feel free to add me on your PS3 (If you have one) My user name is: KichidaMaru

I'm an Achievement Hunter, a Unitologist and an Urge Intense-o-maniac or something.

I have:
So I saw a video on youtube that sort of.. inspired me to write this journal.
We are all addicted to something, whether it's good for you or not.
So I thought I'd try to find out some of the things I'm addicted to.
Here we go: 

Number 1: Energy drinks
This one is pretty obvious for those who know me, and it's usually an energy drink called "Urge Intense". I literally drink one every day without fail. Imagine how much money I could've saved if I was addicted to water.
When I don't have one I'm constantly looking to the side as if I was about to pick it up and drink from it, but alas, it's not there.

Number 2: deviantART
I literally can't go a whole day without checking the page about 30-50 times. I open a new tab, and the page I automatically click on is dA, and I sometimes do it without even realizing that was what I was clicking.

Number 3: Plushies
A couple of weeks ago I was at home and we visited a store called "Jysk". It's a store where you mainly buy beds, sofas, bedroom utensils and bathroom utensils. 
Me and my dad were sort of just wandering after my mum, until dad got a call and I started waltzing after her instead. We walked passed a shelf with two different plushies: One Panda-teddy and one Dog-plushie.
I picked up the Panda instantly and turned to my mum waving to her with it to like, HINT to her that I wanted it. She looked at me, and shook her head slightly while laughing.
We then went to pay for the shit that she got, she turned around and looked at me for a couple of seconds before saying: Oh, go get that plushie then!
And I grinned like the smallest chiled, fetched it, and she payed for it.
I'd like to remind you that I turn 20 this year.

Number 4: "shopping"
The reason why I put " around it, is 'cause it isn't technically shopping. But rather, buying something. 
After school finishes I go down to the store and usually buy an Urge Intense. 
And I'm completely serious when I say that it becomes infinitely harder to go about my day if I haven't bought something. It's of course a problem, so this one is more of an addiction than number 2 and 3. 
I don't however like shopping for clothes and the like, but that's more because I don't "realize" that some of the clothes I have are so worn out that I need new ones, plus it always makes me feel icky for some reason. Especially shopping for undies. It's like I'm in the wrong section, although I'm not.

So! Those are my 4 "addictions".
If you actually managed to read through this, and took time to do so, please tell me what your addictions are if you have any!
I should've probably listed "youtube" as well, but meh. 

Thanks so much for reading!
Kichida OUT !
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
  • Eating: PEZ
  • Drinking: Captain Morgan (with cola mind you)

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You have really really cool characters!! : D keep up the awesome work 
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